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RSI Productions, previously known as Render Squad Industries LLC, was founded by Melvin Graham, a dedicated Post-Production Professional with a fervor for storytelling. Over time, the company has seamlessly integrated modern technologies like AI and Unreal Engine into its repertoire. RSI Productions is more than just a post-production entity; it's a creative nexus where visual and auditory elements coalesce to weave captivating tales.

RSI Productions primarily caters to film and video production houses, advertising agencies, independent filmmakers, and content creators. Additionally, our profound expertise in audio engineering attracts musicians, podcasters, and other audio-focused professionals.


RSI Productions distinguishes itself with its holistic post-production expertise, covering both visual and audio facets. Our adeptness with advanced tools, notably AI integrations and Unreal Engine, coupled with our commitment to ongoing industry evolution, firmly places us at the vanguard of multimedia post-production.

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